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4th annual on Sat Oct 15, 10:00am-1:00pm at the South Hall
Shop for winter storage crops directly from LOCAL farmers IN BULK to fill your pantry for the winter. Load up on local root veggies, greens, cabbage, squash, apples, tomatoes, peppers, meats,...

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Want to read and discuss writing on food, agriculture, sustainability, politics? Share insights, critique, explore, and discover? If you’re interested, come out for an info session on Tuesday, September 27, 6-8pm at the Library.
See “Galiano Gastronomic Book Club” on Facebook for more info...

Are you a landowner with trees that are dripping with fruit, but you don’t have time to pick them? Is climbing a ladder getting to be too much? Did that one tree have a bumper crop this year? Do you have more than your family can use? Is your garden overflowing? Would you like to share the...

Cooking for the evening's supper starts at 3pm and help is always appreciated.
We always need new volunteers and there are many kinds of jobs that need doing.

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Come join us for lunch on Monday, a couple of times a month - Everyone is welcome!!
This event is a fundraiser for the Food Program’s Soup for Seniors Project.
There is a suggested donation of $5-$10 and we will have frozen meals for sale.

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Come join us at the South Hall for a raucous evening of games with your friends and neighbours!

Bring your favourite board game to share with others. (No e-games please.) There will be Scrabble, Apples to Apples, Cards, Catan, Chess, Game of Life, Othello, Trivia, Crib and more…