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Wild Mushroom Cooking Class - Saturday Nov 4th

The Food Program is hosting a cooking class as part of the Galiano Naturalists Mushroom Festival which runs November 4th and 5th.
Come learn some tips and new recipes for cooking with Wild Mushrooms.
We'll gather at 4pm to cook together, then sit and share our supper.
Tentative Menu: Mushroom Hummus, Mushroom, Capers and Lemon Tapas, Mushroom Pate, Chanterelle Soup, Dried Mushroom Gnocchi, Wild Mushroom, Leek and Bacon tart. (All recipes included.) Sliding Scale $15-$30


Composting Workshops

With Alysha Punnett from Victoria's Compost Education Centre.

Soil: Really Important Tiny Lives explores the importance of a thriving soil ecosystem in the context of our gardens as well as from the broader global perspective. Everything that microorganisms in the soil do for us will be revealed as well as how to steward the soil so they survive. While this workshop is primarily theory-based, it is essential knowledge for anyone who is interested in growing food, mitigating climate change and working to conserve this key resource.


Really Important Tiny Lives

This year, the Food Program is paying a bit of extra attention to bacteria, and the important roles they play in our food systems, from the garden to the table. This month, we’re excited to be welcoming Alysha Punnett, Site Manager & Community Education Coordinator at Victoria’s Compost Education Centre. The Centre offers workshops for adults and children, and also is the site of teaching garden that is definitely worth a visit. They also sell some great composting supplies.


New: Permaculture Working Group

Building resilience, building relationships. The Permaculture Working Group is a new opportunity to explore Permaculture and related ecological design methodologies while more importantly creating new friendships, sharing knowledge and getting some experience putting the topics we explore to work on the land. Tricia Sharpe and Christopher Heffley will share the Permablitz model as a way of sharing skill sets and workload, as well as finding out what challenges people are most interested in exploring on their own sites.


10th Annual Nettlefest Community Potluck Celebration

Come together to celebrate the return of Spring as we gather as a community for the 10th annual Nettlefest Potluck. (Yes - we've been celebrating Nettles for ten years!!!!) It’s all about gathering with friends and neighbours, sharing some wonderful food, and enjoying the entertainment of some amazingly-talented locals. Join us, and bring something to share with others.

(Kitchen volunteers needed. Join us to make the Nettle Soup and Nettle Bread for the evening potluck.)

5:30pm, Sunday April 2nd, South Galiano Community Hall

Meals for Seniors Kitchen Nov 13, 20 & 27, 9:30am

Cooking for the day's lunch starts at 9:30am and help is always appreciated. We always need new volunteers and there are many kinds of jobs that need doing. (But if you can't come till noon - you are still welcome - we always need help with packaging and dishes too!)
We'll be preparing the soup for lunch, soup for the kids at school, plus making frozen meals for the seniors - there's always lots to do!


Dogwood for Margaret

The Heritage Forest, located at the end of Georgia View Road, is 126 ha of land managed jointly by the Galiano Club & the Galiano Conservancy. One of those instrumental in having the Forest created in 2000 was, then serving as an Island Trustee, Margaret Griffiths. After Margaret's death earlier this year a group of friends, with the Club's approval, planted a Pacific Dogwood tree in her memory, most appropriately, in a lovely & quiet corner of the Heritage Forest.


The Galiano Club's 92nd Annual General Meeting - May 28th 2:00 p.m. South Hall

On Sunday the 28th the Galiano Club will hold its 92nd Annual General Meeting and Open House. In addition to a concise business meeting there will be an entertaining talk by Steve Nemtin on Galiano's latest Heritage Designated Site - the Japanese Charcoal Pit Kiln located in the Bluffs. At the conclusion of the meeting will be the Galiano Club's famous complimentary ice cream sundaes with blackberry, butterscotch or chocolate sauces. Everyone is welcome!




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