The Galiano Club is a community organization that holds title to various lands on Galiano Island on behalf of the community. A recent innovation in local land-use bylaws allows owners of forest lots to donate a large portion of their land to the community in exchange for some development privileges. The result is a Heritage Forest designation for the new community land, in an arrangement that is carefully managed and covenanted to protect the long term ecological viability of the forest.

The current Heritage Forest lands include parts of DL30, 31 and 32 comprising 312 acres (126 hectares). We are currently developing a management plan for these lands. The goal is to create a sustainable working forest on part of these lands as well as other beneficial uses for the community.

On July 23rd, 2006 a fire originating on a neighbouring property quickly spread through the Heritage Forest lands consuming 64 acres (26 hectares) of the Heritage Forest. The total size of the fire was 79 acres (32 hectares).